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Sri Lanka is a Spectrum. Come Explore.

Why Spectrum

Off the beaten path

We are LGBTIQ Sri Lankans with a passion for travel. So naturally we know all the hidden trails and secrets. For an authentic Sri Lankan experience, we are the team you've been looking for.

Affordable prices

Sri Lankan offers basic but comfortable stays to stunning and tropical properties. And our no scares pricing brings you the most realistic price tag that makes planning your travel budget easy.

Community based

Spectrum (formerly Foozoo Travel) was born from within the LGBTIQ community. This is why we are closely knit with the Sri Lankan community and work alongside it in areas of equal rights and community health initiatives. 

Curated Travel at its best

You can request for a package or custom built one with us. The latter option happens through an online consultation so we can make all your holiday dreams come true.

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