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LGBT Travel to Sri Lanka

Updated: May 5, 2022

Spectrum Vacations (formerly Foozoo Travel) offers distinct LGBT tours to Sri Lanka that are coupled with both local insights and an understanding of the international LGBT traveller.

Sri Lanka is a unique destination when compared to other more popular LGBT destinations in the region. There is no big nightlife, gay streets or even a gay bar to hangout and make new friends. But for what it lacks in the traditional sense of a LGBT destination, Sri Lanka more than makes up with its welcoming hospitality and stellar levels of service.

The landscape was changing rapidly as far as Gay Night Life was concerned but multiple crisis that included the nearly two year Covid-19 lock down shuttered most establishments. Foozoo Mantra affiliated to us is looking to hold private events once the current economic crisis has been sorted. There are also a few private events organised by LGBTIQ organisations such as Movie Nights by Chathra. Follow us to stay up dated on these.

Spectrum Vacation Gay tours to Sri Lanka are available as package tours listed here or you can have a plan curated to meet your specific requirements, dates and budgets. Our LGBT management and staff are happy to go to any length to make your holiday safe and full of experiences you will come to cherish for years to come.

Send us a message today and get started with your next holiday to LGBT friendly Sri Lanka.

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