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About Featured Hotels

These are properties we vouch for being LGBTIQ friendly and have been personally vetted by our team.

Our Packages are broken down into 03 categories:

Standard - Featuring Rooms that cost from about USD 60 - USD 100 (BB for two)

Luxury - Featuring Rooms that cost from about USD 100 - USD 200 (BB for two)

Indulge - Featuring Rooms that cost upwards of USD 200 (BB for two)

The hotels have been selected based on location, design detail, privacy and ambience. Practical reasons (proximity to highway when we are short on time) and heritage hotels that are destinations in themselves have also been included. We generally do not work with hotels that have more than 20 rooms but that does not mean larger/resort style options are completely ignored as sometimes the best option in a certain location might be such a hotel. Please also note that certain areas simply do not have much of a choice and while you may embark on an Indulge Category package, certain locations might feature Luxury or even Standard category hotels. 

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