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Exclusively catering to the LGBTIQ traveller by recognising your uniqueness and the importance you place on both safety and having a good time. And we are also the oldest LGBTIQ focused travel service in Sri Lanka so we do come with a lot of experience in getting things right.

Spectrum Vacations (formerly Foozoo Travels) was founded by two friends who identify as LGBTIQ way back in 2016. The business first started out as a bed and breakfast and by 2019 we had grown to offer 20 rooms in Colombo and Tour Services. 


The Easter attacks in 2019 and two years of grappling with the Covid 19 Pandemic changed things considerably for us. And today we operate as Spectrum Travels dedicated exclusively to the LGBTIQ traveller. Our Main brand Foozoo Mantra now focuses on holistic and sustainable travel to Sri Lanka with a focus on health and wellness. 

How we are different
  • 100% Locally owned. We ensure maximum benefit of travel stays with local communities who have been battered by multiple negative events.

  • Strong Local LGBTIQ community involvement. We give the rightful place for local communities in LGBTIQ travel, training and growth.

  • Our consultation approach which ensures you get the best holiday regardless of whether you are a solo, couple or group traveller to Sri Lanka

  • Access to our Health and Wellness services (offered by Foozoo Mantra) so that you can have a more healing experience

  • By being exclusive to the LGBTIQ traveller we are able to cater to your needs and expectations much more than a generic travel services

  • Working with partners who sincerely support LGBTIQ travellers (Vs simply being after the pink dollar) and offering new and fresh LGBTIQ facilities to make us comparable with bigger Asian LGBTIQ friendly destinations (though this will be a long-term endeavour)


Dinesh-Gratian Perera


Sri Lanka

H Anuradha


Sri Lanka

A Fernando


Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

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