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21 Nights 22 Days

Imma take it all

The complete guide to Sri Lanka



X Nights X Days

I'd like to tweak this here, here and here

Where each tour is custom built in consultation with our local experts - This is what we do best

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Dang! It's all the time I got

Beach + Hills + History + Culture
+ City + People + Food

Price per Couple:

Standard - USD 2200.00 
Ideal - USD 3200.00 
Indulge - USD 4000.00

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I don't want to rush, Paradise

Beach + History + Tea + Hills + Adventure + Yoga + Jungles + Culture + City + People + Food

Price per Co
Standard - USD 3200.00
Ideal - USD 4400.00
Indulge - USD 5000.00 


Formerly Foozoo Travel - (Since 2016)

We are a fully Sri Lankan owned company that has worked with and integrated with the local LGBTIQ community since 2016 - Our Tours are about bringing you in touch with the real community and real world experiences

Sri Lanka has made great strides since our first Gay tour in 2017 - We have also been through some of the toughest times. As we emerge back on the scene as SPECTRUM - fiercely focused on the needs of the LGBTIQ traveller, you can expect and receive the most authentic and intrinsically Sri Lankan experience available.

Beautiful Lunuganga

Lunuganga Bentota Sri Lanka.jpg

No place reveals the soul of Geoffrey Bawa, the acclaimed Sri Lankan architect, better than his country home, Lunuganga. To wander through Lunuganga is to be confronted with a palimpsest of influences, ideas, and memories. Speak to us to have Lunuganga as well as the Brief by Bewis Bawa in your bespoke tour itinerary.


Maestro of Galle Fort Walks


Shanjei of Galle Fort Walks is a fascinating experience that combines the story of Shanjei intertwined with the story of Galle Fort. Shanjei with his vibrant personality brings alive the story of Galle Fort in a unique, immersive and captivating manner complete with fun facts and a visit to a Dodgy Bar. Speak to us to have this experience featured in your bespoke Sri Lankan holiday.

Best Kept Secrets


Not many package tours incorporate places that are truly off the beaten path. Mandaram Nuwara is one such place where a range of mountains all but blocks out the sun so that this place hardly ever sees a sunrise or a sunset. Nestled in the valley are villages forgotten by time and nature in its fullest splendor that few tourists have seen.

Word of Mouth

We are raving about the trip and the country to all our friends and contacts, but I know that what made the trip was their expert knowledge. Thank you, Spectrum!
Gihin enaam!

Lesley Cushing


HOWEVER, the most important thing was the attitude of the team. I felt as if I was being welcomed home by my family or by good friends!

Adrian George


The hotels were great, the sights were incredible and the Spectrum team checked in on us every step of the way to make sure we were having the best experience possible for our short time in Sri Lanka.

Anna Wasylenki


A trip we'll never forget! All was perfect. From the very start (pick-up @ airport) till the end it all has been simply great!

Gregory Kurt


Our Partners

Foozoo Mantra


Foozoo Mantra was founded in 2016 as Colombo's first LGBT Welcoming travel brand and shares some owners with Spectrum.Vacations Foozoo Mantra offers 3 properties focused on holistic health and wellness.



Utopia Asia has been an LGBTIQ resource Site for a very long time and has been very supportive of our work here in Sri Lanka from day one. Check them out for more info about LGBTIQ travel to Sri Lanka



Andrew has been an avid traveller to these parts of the world and is now a good friend of our team. Check out his amazing work or sign up for a guided tour with the man himself.


Utopia Asia has been an LGBTIQ resource Site for a very long time and has been very supportive of our work here in Sri Lanka from day one. Check them out for more info about LGBTIQ travel to Sri Lanka

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